Differences between Ecommerce Total Revenue and Product Revenue

Hi Matomo Community.

I have a question. What is the difference between Total Revenue and Product Revenue. In my comprehension, both should be the same, since an e-commerce order is the sum of product revenues.

Unfortunately, I see huge differences.See example below coming from https://demo.matomo.cloud/ (2021/09/20).

Thank you for your help !

In my opinion, if you sell 10 cars at $20 each, you’ll get $200 total revenue and 10 purchased products

Hi Philippe,
Thanks for your answer. I agree with you. We have 88 orders and 129 purchased products. But I have a total revenue of 13 026.60€ in the Overview report and 21 936€ in the Product report. It makes a huge difference. How can we explain that ?
Thanks again.

You’re right, I don’t understand the difference between the total of product revenues and total revenue visible on the demo cloud:

Maybe you can ask shop at innocraft dot com

Hi @Frederic_Forster
Thanks for posting this question and for your patience.

In this specific case it seems that there is an issue with how the Demo is generating Ecommerce order data. I’ve reported this issue to the team for further investigation.
As you can see from the screenshot below, the revenue for each order is being tracked incorrectly:

You are correct in your understanding that these should match if Ecommerce tracking has been configured correctly.
However, there are some situations where the Total Revenue will not match the Product Revenue.

As an example, if we had 2 products in the cart, Product A and Product B.
Product A has a revenue of $100 and Product B has a revenue of $50. If we then apply discount to the total order, the Total Revenue calculated will be different unless we apply the discount to each individual item.

For example, if we track the final order as:
Product A, $100
Product B, $50
Total: $120

The total Revenue will be reported as $120 and the Product Revenue will be reported as $150. This is one good example of why it’s important to be sure that the tracking for Ecommerce orders is setup correctly.
Unfortunately, not all Shopping Carts support applying discounts to individual items when applying discount to the entire cart or when applying discount for a single item which may lead to incorrect calculations similar to these.

I trust this answers your question.

Hi @rstark ,
Maybe it could be a good idea to display the discount somewhere in the action log, this would help if someone wants to check the integrity of the order…

Hi Richard and Philippe,
Thanks a lot to you guys.
This is exactly the issue we encounter with my client.
Currently, we are talking with Karthik.
I asked him to get in touch with you Philippe so that you can let is know when the issue is solved, and give us the procedure to upgrade our instance.
Again thanks for your precious help.

I am not member of the Matomo Team, so I won’t be able to let you know when the issue will be solved :wink:
@rstark , maybe you can give us some info about the priority of this enhancement?

Sorry Phillipe, I meant “get in touch with you Richard”. My bad… :slight_smile:

Hi @heurteph-ei , @Frederic_Forster ,

Just to be clear, the issue I pointed out in the screenshots earlier is just an issue with the data shown in the online demo. There are no issues in Matomo that would cause this - what the issue is effectively would be the same as incorrectly tracking product and order revenue to Matomo (at the end of the day, Matomo can only be as accurate as the data you feed it) - this os of course if you’re only applying discount to the order only.

If you’re having a similar issue, then it means that something may be wrong with your tracking code implementation on your website.
Otherwise if it is discount related, I would say that a quick solution may be to apply the discount to individual items in order to accurately track product and order revenue.

Hi Richard,
Just to be sure, since we don’t use any discount on our website, what you are saying is that there must be an issue with our tracking ?
Because this was the same exact problem than in the demo (Only the first product in the order is recorded as total revenue), I thought it was an issue with the way the data is processed andpresented in the interface.

Thanks for the information since it might be useful to many people