Difference Matomo Dashboard and Email Reports

we’re using Matomo email reports to send automatic reports to different customer websites (M 4.14.1). The reports are automatically send out monthly (report period is monthly as well).
There seems to be an issue regarding the data: in the email reports the data of visits is obviuosly very low. When I look at the data from the same site ID in the dashboard, the values for the same time period are significantly higher.

This affects not just one, but almost 30 reports, all of which are structured in the same way.

Could this be an incorrect setting in the reports?

Hi @Thorsten.Michel
Is there any selected segment in your email report?
Also can you compare exactly the same periods between the individual reports and one of the email report?

If I choose same time period in email report and dashboard, Matomo hopefully shows the same data regarding visits etc. :wink:

Hi, @heurteph-ei
no, there are no segments for those site IDs.
Some examples of the differences:

  • site ID 1: dashboard March: 282 visits, 678 pageviews / email report March: 44 visits, 97 pageviews
  • site ID 2: dashboard March: 586 visits, 1,380 pageviews / email report March: 101 visits, 224 pageviews
  • site ID 3: dashboard March: 512 visits, 1,475 pageviews / email report March: 102 visits, 320 pageviews

I compared email report data with other time periods, but the data does not correspond to any recognizable other period (e.g. week).

:exclamation: Some news: If I choose similar stock reports instead of our custom reports, the mail report data is the same as from the dashboard. So the custom reports seem to be the issue. But why? There are no time periods, no segmentations in the custom reports.

Hi @Thorsten.Michel
Then it seems there is a problem with the custom report premium plugin.
Is there any filter in the custom report definition?
Maybe @innocraft did already encounter such an issue?

No, it’s just the site ID we want to track and then usual data as visits, page views etc.

Since this morning I’ve been in contact with @innocraft
If there is any news I will share it here

Hi @Thorsten.Michel
Then you say that if you select the same date range for the email report and the “web view”, the custom report display different values?
Can you describe the custom report definition?

Hi @heurteph-ei
Exactly: values in regular dashboard view (e.g. visitors/overview) are different from custom reports and email reports which are based on custom reports.
Custom reports apply to a single website (single site ID), report type is e.g. evolution with the metrics visits and page views—no filters.
Another report (again single site ID) is table, dimension device type, metrics visits, pageviews, average visit duration, and bounce rate.
No custom report uses filters, and there is no segmentation in email reports using those custom reports.

Hi @Thorsten.Michel
I changed the category of the topic into Premium Plugins, as the problem is related to Custom Report premium plugin…
Then @innocraft can give more hints, as they are the plugin developer…?

Question: is it related to:


Hi @Thorsten.Michel ,

Can you please get in touch with our Support team at shop@matomo.org

Hi @karthik ,

I already did. Innocraft has had access to selected data since the beginning of April.

Based on the information provided, it is difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue. However, some possible solutions could be:

  1. Double-check the report settings to ensure they are configured correctly.
  2. Verify that the data in the dashboard is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Check for any filters or segments that may be affecting the data in the email reports.
  4. Ensure that the email reports are being generated after the data processing is complete and not during it.
  5. Contact Matomo support for further assistance and troubleshooting.

Hi, Maybell,

yes, we checked the settings multiple times, all settings (chosen site ID, time range) were the same. We don’t use any filters or segments in dashboard and reports.
Regarding 4: We took monthly reports and I assume the processing of most of the data should be completed by then.
The support is still on the issue, but currently we’re using another solution, because the e-mail reports based on custom reports are not viable for our customer.