Difference between Pages and Page titles

When I look at the report Pages and compare with Page titles the statistics differ. We are using Piwik 3.01.
In Pages my page gets 489 pageviews but in Page title it gets 311 pageviews. Why?
I look at the index-page in Pages.

I have looked around to find some explainations on your forums but can not find any.
Can somebody give me any ideas or hints?
Greatful for all help!
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I’ve got the same issue except that for me Pages titles are higher than Pages…

Did you find any answer?


I found out that when the url is ended with a final / Matomo will credit the page view to the index-page rather than the actual page name.
I think that Pages titles show all page views for a page with the same name so it is not so strange that the number is higher for Pages titles than Pages. You could try in Pages to sum up the page views for the index page and the actual page- hopefully then you get the number shown in Pages titles.
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Matomo use this default for track page title:

_paq.push(["setDocumentTitle", document.title]);

You can use this additional in yor matomo tracking code for manipulate the document.title (page title). The page title is the html title tag in the html head.

Matomo uses /index in the page stats, when the url is https://www.example.com/
Matomo uses /pathname/index in the page stats, when the url is https://www.example.com/pathname/


It is possible, that — for whatever reason — a page title is not tracked by matomo. More infos here:

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