Difference Between Http and Https

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Hello pi wiki members,
I am a newbie in web development and I am working on this project I am a little bit confuse in (HTTP) and (HTTPS) what’s the difference between them? and 1 more thing which I want to know about it when I write HTTP it’s working almost fine but when I use HTTPS then it gives me a message “Your connection is not private” what I have to do solve this problem?

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That message means that you don’t have SSL installed or don’t have a certificate.

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@Valdhor thanks, and can you tell me one more thing? I am having a problem to redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
how can I configure it?

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You could do it with your web server itself or you could put the following on your index page:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=https://www.yourdomain.com/index.html">

Or you could use a PHP script to check whether the user is coming in via HTTP and redirect them to HTTPS.

There are many ways to do this. Bing is your friend.

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Basically, Both are web protocols through it, we can securely communicate with the web pages like online transactions.In addition, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is upgraded to https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure).According to the new advancement, http/2 protocols has been introduced in the web industry just to make the more secure transaction.
When we talk about the Search Engine optimization then Google give preference to those websites who have enabled https protocols.For taking an example of https web protocol view it.

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“Your connection is not private”

if you decided to use https you can install an SSL certificate. For example you can install a free certificate with letsencrypt and the message “Your connection is not private” will dissapear.

I am a little bit confuse in (HTTP) and (HTTPS)

https is the “secure version” of http. Over http the data are visible to anyone also your passwords. It is always better to use https for every site :slight_smile: .

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One’s more secured than the other, that’s https

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I even don’t know the different between http and https. But glad to get it here. lol

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