Difference between "Click Element" and "Click Node Name"

What is the difference between “Click Element” and “Click Node Name”?

When defining a Trigger in Tag Manager, for example an “All elements click” trigger, it’s possible to limit the trigger to only be fired for certain elements. Under “Clicks” there are these two elements, and I have no idea what the difference between these two is.

(I know that comments and text are nodes and not elements, but those don’t have a name. So I have a feeling the word “node” is incorrectly used in this situation.)

Maybe @innocraft has more precision on this question?

Hi @pbb72 ,

Element represents the HTML tags, for example div,p and the name of the elements returns div, p for example.

Node represents anything within a HTML document which includes all the HTML tags and also things like text, attributes, comment, fragments etc. For example, if you would like to target a particular attribute in an element, this can be used.

Thanks for the reply Karthik. The option in the Tag Manager trigger is called “Click Node Name”.

What would be the Name part of things like text, comment, fragments etc? What would I fill in for the trigger field if I want to trigger on a specific text node for example?