Diff for update

(alpha_one_x86) #1

Hello, can you merge only the correction by diff patch, and for upgrade version too? That’s keep the custom editing but merge update, fix or new feature. I have lost my change (but I had backup) because piwik overwrite file at update.

(vipsoft) #2

I can envision providing a package of the files changed/added – to make it easier for people who unzip on their desktop and then ftp to their web server. But a diff isn’t useful for many (i.e., requires patch).

What files are you changing? i.e., is it something we can address with the theming feature?

(alpha_one_x86) #3

I speak mainly of the automatic update, not zip part.
I change template login. And some php for force caching for improve the reactivity.

(vipsoft) #4

You’ll be able to override the login theme when we implement theming.

As for caching, if you send us a patch, we’ll take a look at its inclusion.

(alpha_one_x86) #5

Then I will check the theming part.

For patching it’s easy, I use php for force send browser cache (cache-control and expire) for cache piwik.js for 4h (max visits duration), when I update I can have mistake of 4h, but the update it’s not everyday.