Diagnostic system wrongfully identifies open directories

./console diagnostics:run
Required Private Directories:
        - ERROR https://domain.com/config/config.ini.php
        - ERROR https://domain.com/tmp/cache/tracker/matomocache_general.php
Recommended Private Directories:
        - ERROR https://domain.com/tmp/
        - ERROR https://domain.com/tmp/empty
        - ERROR https://domain.com/lang/en.json

OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Webserver: Nginx 1.24
PHP: 8.2.13

The above domains are not publicly available (required ones result in a 403, recommended ones a 404) but the GUI and cli reports them still as publicly available.

How can I fix this?

Hi @duderuud
There is an FAQ there:

Maybe your server is behind a proxy (and folders are filtered by the proxy), whereas the test is done “localhost” (and publicly available… From localhost only).