DevicesDetection and Segmentation


I’m testing then new segmentation feature with Piwik 1.12.

The DevicesDetection -Plugin in Version 1.12-b6 is activated.

When I look at the Download-Report for one day for the “all visits” segment, I read 306 unique downloads.

Now I’m creating 3 Device-Type-Segments: “device type is desktop”, “device type is tablet” and “device type is smartphone”.

The download-Report for this day for each of these segments says 6 downloads. The download-values are the same (same URLs, same count).

When I create a Segment “Operating System is IOS” I read 210 unique downloads.

I assume that IOS means Apple-iOS, so all iPhones and iPads.

Where is the mistake? 210 iOS-devices must provoke greater values than 6 smartphones and 6 tablets.

I know, the DevicesDetection -Plugin is beta, is it wrong to trust the Devices-values?



DevicesDetection is in beta, I think especially the “device type” attribute is not very accurate in this beta version. Stay tuned, or even better, help us make it better :slight_smile: