Detecting Google Adwords Click Fraud With Piwik

I have strong reason to believe that I am a victim of Google Click Fraud (™). Therefore I would like to identify IP addresses that are repeatedly clicking on the Google Adwords ads. Also I would like to hear your experiences or any advice on battling with the issue using Piwik!

According to the Visitor Engagement metrics “Visits by Visit Number”, there have been approx. 30 visitors with a visit number ranging from 9-50 during the past 20 days. Due to the nature of the site, there is not much point in multiple visits since the main objective is to obtain conversions (sell tickets) to first time visitors.

Is there a way to find the IP addresses behind these multiple visits or any other way of detecting possibly malicious visitors through Google Ads?


Hi Chiappa,

Yes there is a way> Create a custom segments: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo
with the criteria to filter visitors by.

Then open the Visitor Log.

Btw in the future we will make it even easier to view visitors for a particular “row” of a report, see feature request: New icon in all reports: let me segment by visitors matching this row’s criteria · Issue #4633 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub