Detailed referrer list instead of just the domain?

Hey all, hopefully this isn’t a repost and I’m not missing something obvious but I find the referrer section to be lacking.

For example, if lots of my traffic comes from reddit, it will simply show “reddit” on the referrers page. But I want a list of the actual URLs where they come from.

The only way for me to see this is to monitor the “Real Time” visitors - on that page when it says “reddit” it actually shows the post which they are visiting from if I hover over the link.

It would be a lot more useful if I could see the top threads that bring traffic under the “referrers” page, and keep an eye on any new ones… but I don’t see a way to do this as it lumps it all together under the domain, which doesn’t really mean much. The info is obviously available as it can be seen in real time, so I’m not really follow why it wouldn’t be shown there.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.


You can go to the Websites reports to see the full URL:

Either you click on the domains to open the list, or click on the :gear: icon to get a flat list.

Thanks a lot, and I apologize for the late reply. That does work, so thanks for the clarification but it doesn’t seem to be comprehensive.

For example it only shows two thread URLs for the whole month but if I browse my last 50 “real time” users I can see 5 or so different threads that people have visited from. The visitor count also doesn’t seem accurate as it shows only 1 or 2 visits as being from a certain URL (for all of November) but in my real time visitor log count I can see there were 5+ visits from those posts in the past few hours alone.

(Site only gets a few hundred visits a day).

This seems a little bit like what we wish for as well, see my post: Better reports about referrer URLs