Design and layout


I think Piwik is great, but I have to say, it’s pretty ugly (please don’t be offended).

Ideally I would restyle the lot, more along the GA route, so in saying that, where do I find the stylesheets etc for controlling the graph look and feel etc?


See here

Sorry, apparently you can customize your login, your user UI and email reports somehow as well. I don’t overly know how, I think there is a templates folder? Or in a themes folder? See here.

Do some searching and you should be able to find something. I’ll give you a rough idea when I get back to my Piwik installation (I don’t have access at the moment)

Thanks Mooash. I have had a good hunt around but can’t seem to find the information that is relevant.

I’m sure it is just a case of JQplot CSS, and I would have thought that someone would have done this already, so I’m surprised to find a lack of information on this.

I look forward to your reply, thank you again.

I should make mention of the new Piwik site itself – looks fantastic. If only the stats themselves were as clean and fresh as the website is :slight_smile: