Deploying Matomo on Heroku

Hey, I’m trying to host on-premise Matomo on a Heroku dyno. I saw some questions on this topic dating back to 2014, 15, and 16, but nothing since. How would I install and run Matomo on Heroku?

How has it gone so far? I searched and also came up with…not much.
I did find a github project that was last maintained in 2018.

Can you share any error messages or unstable performance?

Matomo can run in containers and there are many links to people doing that – this seems to be a special case of that.

Is part of the problem caused by Heroku making the saved configs in php.ini file non persistent?

Heroku’s ephemeral filesystem restores itself from the last git commit, so as long as the config files are properly committed I think it’ll be ok (if they don’t change that often). I haven’t really tried this myself because I’m not so sure where to start. Does the installation process differ in any way? I’m quite lost here.