Deleted website, can't seen to be able to recover data

i’m a fairly new user to Matomo and last friday i deleted a website from Matomo to prevent the archiving errors i was having.
This monday i recreated the website and notice i lost all my data.
Then i realized it had created a new site id so insted of 60 was now 63.

i been trying to revover the data but i fail too understand how.
i have read a few treads on the forum annd all say the data is not delete and that if i access the database i can change the id and all is recovered… but i cant find the data on the database with the old id

please help, or point me in the rigth direction
Best regards

Maybe this can help?

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@heurteph-ei tk u for reply was usefull i did find the data so … mabe there is a change of recovering it

i used
select * from matomo_log_visit where idsite=60 and got hits now all i need to know is how to get that data to be recovered on the new id… 63