Delete Single Entries for Website

Hi Everyone!

I have a specific problem with our tracking workflow. I hope you can help me.

We have every month an amount of statik links provided. These links are getting a tracking code assigned to a new website in piwik. After a while some of these links are removed because of editorial reasons. The customer also doesnt want to see these link in theire report anymore.

So my question is:
Is it possible to remove single links from my website report?

I hope i made myself clear and didn’t duplicated a topic.

Many thanks in advance

It’s possible to remove links from reports but it requires some work:

Okay… how does one “delete entries from” the piwik database? I’ve been trying to add downloads to my DB (taken directly from nginx logs) and as a result of my experimentation I now have hundreds of entries for various png, css, and other files (not to mention a bunch of data from a different site that, until last night, was logging to the same file).

Is there an API-supported method to delete a page / download item from the database (which will then remove all related records), or do we have to do this manually, in SQL, record-by-record? If the latter, could you give an example of the steps required (starting with identifying the base entry for, say, “icon.png” and going from there?)

Is this: How do I delete all statistics for a given website, or for all websites? - Analytics Platform - Matomo the right beginning point? (but instead of idsite=1, which obviously I don’t want to do here, I’d have to identify some idaction to delete?)

In exploring, I found the URL I want to delete (well, one of hundreds, but I gotta start somewhere) in log_action (“name”), then found that idaction in log_link_visit_action (“idaction_url”), but I only count()ed five entries in that table with that action, when the report is showing hundreds. Or am I running into an archive issue, and the table is only showing, for example, today’s visits? (re-running core:archive for a very very long force-all-periods didn’t seem to remove the entry from my Downloads report).

It’d be great if there were a “DANGEROUS MODE” I could enter in the web interface by which I could select an item and, after appropriate "are you sure"ing, remove it from the DB, but I’ll settle for something I can script out in SQL. :slight_smile:



I know this answer is a very old answer but it worked fine for me

My data was only recorded for 3 months.

eg :

   DELETE FROM archive_blob_2017_03 WHERE idsite = 4;
   DELETE FROM archive_blob_2017_02 WHERE idsite = 4;
   DELETE FROM archive_blob_2017_01 WHERE idsite = 4;

   DELETE FROM archive_numeric_2017_03 WHERE idsite = 4;
   DELETE FROM archive_numeric_2017_02 WHERE idsite = 4;
   DELETE FROM archive_numeric_2017_01 WHERE idsite = 4;

   DELETE FROM log_link_visit_action
    WHERE idaction_url IN ( 
                             SELECT log_action.idaction FROM log_action 
                             WHERE log_action.`name` LIKE   '' 
    AND idsite = 4