Delete posts from database

Is there some way to delete posts in the database manually? We would like to delete some posts matching a certain url pattern over the last two years.

Is there some way to find out which table and field we can search for and delete? Since the database is sql it is not possible to search the entire database. Our database is 410 GB.

Grateful for any tips and hints.
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I also submitted this as a feature suggestion.

Hi @E111
What do you mean with posts?
You can delete visits thanks to :gear: > Privacy > GDPR Tools


I am unable to find it…

With posts I mean rows in the database table. The statistical data is shown in reports, like Pages but the data is stored somewhere in a row of a database table. We like to delete data from the database so it can not be shown in any report like Pages, Pagetitels etc.
I hope I could explain so you can understand what I mean better?

I also created a feature suggestion about this case: Delete posts from database using a guide or plugin

Hi @E111
My previous post gives some advises (GDPR tools and / or direct database access). Let me know if this helps you or not.
After cleaning tables from raw data, you need also to re-process reports, thank to data invalidation:

I will ask our technician to check it out. I will get back to you afterwards. Thanks for now!

I noticed that the GDPR-tool can not find Page url or Page title. It can only find Entry pages and Exit pages. So I don’t think we can use this tool in our case.
We will look into deleting from the database instead.

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