Delete logs information


I’ve activated the “delete old visitor logs” and I set up to delete logs every week in settings. But the box at the right of this settings always shows the “next scheduled deletion in” in less than 24 hours (yesterday I saw something like 12 hours, now it shows 15 hours). The “last deletion was” information is not shown, so I think it wasn’t executed yesterday (?)
Is this right or it’s a bug?

(Peterbo) #2


this could happen if the deletion takes longer than max execution time. Please try to lower the “max rows deleted in one run” setting and perhaps raise the “delete logs older than x days” intervall.

To find out if this is the cause of the problem, please have a look at the number of rows in the piwik_log_visit-table today and tomorrow and see, if rows have been deleted.



Today I see that the deletion has occured last night and the schedule correctly shows that next time deletion is set in 6 days… so the problem is only before the first deletion.

(Peterbo) #4

Ok then this was probably caused by a timeout during the initial deletion, because very many rows had to be deleted.