Delay in realtime data fetching

Hello, I am trying to fetch realtime data of a user. What is the delay I will face on matomo premise, I am using api and funnels.

It depends the kind of data you need to see…
You have an access to the real time log:

Also you can see these data when you watch Visitors>Visits log (don’t forget to select the desired date)

Then for reports, you have to configure Auto-Archiving of Your Reports:

I want to do some operations on the ddata using python, almost immediately and so need to use the api. I want the data from the following features-

Most of the time, with analytics, you process data of the day before instead of data of the current day…
If not, you can archive data: enable browser triggers for Matomo archiving and when you need data, you’ll wait a little bit…

Actually I need to use the user data as input for a ml model which then recommends them certain actions. So I need the current data, realtime one.
I tried piwick but it has a delay of 30minutes and google analytics has one of 10 minutes.
Is there any possibility I can get the user data using matomo premise within a minute or two.

With the provided link:
Program your CRON on 1 minute…
But I don’t know if your server will not be overloaded…

Nope, We are trying to go with a pixel code now, along with our own API endpoint.