Default website


It would be great if piwik created a “default website” upon initial install.

At install time, piwik already knows it’s URL. It could create a website to match, and automatically install the tracking code into each of the piwik pages. This would allow you to immediately have a default site, that shows how a users piwik install is being used/navigated.

This could do several things, but the two most important aspects (in my opinion) would be:
#1) Allow new users to see a decently configured site
#2) Allow organizations to see how their various teams are consuming the metrics/analytics that piwik is recording and generating. This could potentially allow an organization to improve training in using piwik, or focus on areas of analytics that are being underutilized.

(Andrew Demetriou) #2

yes, I agree with you. There should be a default website url like Google Analytic, So as the default page setup. As some domains and website have default page as home.html , index.html or with other extensions and names.