Default script not working

We are unable to get visits data by adding a default script (tracking code). Requesting you to help us with rectifying the same.


Without further information it is very hard to do remote troubleshooting. But I’d recommend you to open your browsers developer tools on the tracked website, check the console for errors or warnings and see in the network tab if the request to matomo.js and matomo.php goes through.
Also make sure you have not enabled DoNotTrack in your browser, which Matomo does respect.

Hi thanks for your comment.

We updated tracking code provided in Matomo tool to webpage we want to track but we are unable to see any visitor actions/ details in tool.

Adding tracking code and also webpage we want to track, please help us wherever we are missing. PFB FYR,


Tracking code:


At least for me everything is working correctly.

Check if:

I’m having the same problem…no visits reported for days. I’ve already tried debugging the tracker…it’s working fine. Archiving is working as well. I cannot see any reason why no data is being recorded under visitor log except for the very first visit when I installed the app five days ago…since then nothing.