Default date settings make for blank reports?

This is a bit of a weird one…

When I visit my dashboard, and then click a link to, for example, the Visitors Overview, all of my statistics are blank, zeroed out. The date range is “Today” and the date is also today.

The only way for these stats to fix themselves (i.e. not be zeroed out) is for me to select another date, and then select the current date again, which then loads the stats properly.

(Note: this is not a problem with my archiving script. That’s running perfectly. This is a site error of some kind).

So, what should I do? Is this a known bug? Is there some way I can fix it? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

can you please send me by PM your bug description, piwik URL, piwik passwords to your Piwik?
Also can you please check your error logs and see if there are some?