Default Channel Grouping

Is there a overview, how matomo does the channel grouping?
I search for a list like this: Default channel definitions - Analytics Help


Matomo uses

SearchEngines.yml and Socials.yml

If you know more sites, you can contribute them there.

OK. This is for organic and social.
But there is missing:

  • E-Mail
  • Affiliates
  • Paid Search
  • Other Advertising
  • Display


Where in Matomo do you see those categories?

Ok. So i see. There are no such channels. Maybe this is a good feature request.


I don’t think it is that easy.

There is no way Matomo can know a visitor came to the website via an E-Mail. They just visit an URL. Of course you can use Tracking Marketing Campaigns User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo and add URL parameters to your E-Mail URL, but that is something you have to do.

Same here: Matomo can’t know which is an affiliate, but you can implement this yourself:

Again, a website visit looks the same for Matomo (and any software on your website) no matter if a paid add caused it. And again you can use campaign tracking to differentiate those visits yourself.

I am not sure what that would be.


Well, I am only interested in the fact that you can use special URLs, which can be created with the Matomo URL Builder, to assign traffic to other channels via certain metrics.
So that I can say on the basis of certain rules, if e.g. the medium = email is attached as parameter, then this is assigned to the channel “email”.

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