Debugging GeoIP

I have just gotten Piwik up and running and am working out a few issues.

GeoIP seems to be not working for me, but I am not seeing any error messages.

In looking at the table piwik_log_visit the fields location_city, location_region, location_longitude, and location_latitude all contain the value ‘NULL’ (I think its actually the string ‘NULL’ and not a null value). Country does seem to have values, but my guess is that is coming from the browser string.

I have the GeoIPCity database installed and have run the console usercountry:attribute and archive procedures and this has not made a difference. I also wrote a quick script to validate the the PECL:GeoIP module was functioning and I can lookup and retrieve data.

Any thoughts on getting this working?

A quick update and some progress.
I found one problem where I had updated the cli/php.ini correctly, but not the apache2/php.ini with the database location. That has been resolved and now I have data in many of the records. There are still alot of records with all NULL, but its a start.

What is still not happening though is the maps are not showing that data. They still show only country data. I have updated / archived the reports as instructed. But nothing is changing on the maps. To ensure I do not have a caching problem I have changed browsers and machines with the same results.

This is what I am running to update the reports.

/console core:archive --force-all-websites --force-all-periods=315576000 --force-date-last-n=1000 --url=‘

Do I need to do something else to get the maps updated?

Hi there, maybe check: How do I apply accurate geolocation to old visits, tracked before I enabled geo location? - Analytics Platform - Matomo