Dealing with existing data

Having been on the hunt for a decent OSS solution for web reporting with corporate intranets, I’ve almost stumbled across Piwik this evening and am saying ‘this is exactly what I have been looking for’.

However, after the requisite googling, FAQ and documentation reading, forum search and looking through track, I’m either asking the wrong search query or nobody has already answered my question - is it possible to bring existing web server log files (Apache, W3C formats) into Piwik?

Has anyone done this? Is there in-app support or will it involve an existing custom plugin or writing your own to achieve this?

All and any answers appreciated and gratefully received.

Piwik isn’t a log file analyzer. There are plugins and scripts in development (or planning stage) to import the data from log files and other dbs (eg phpmyvisites).

Have you got the names or trac/other links to those plugins/scripts under development for this purpose?…