DB issue with PHP 5.6.10 & PDO\MYSQL adapter

(Robert) #1

I run piwik on a shared host & am getting the error message “Cannot connect to the database: The mysql driver is not currently installed” when using PHP 5.6.10 and database adapter PDO\MYSQL. A mysql driver is installed though, as there is also a default wordpress installation running on that server which works fine. I either have to switch back to PHP 5.5.26 or change the piwik database adapter to MYSQLI for piwik to work with PHP 5.6.10
According to my hoster there does not seem to be any server config issue.

has anyone experienced a similar issue with PHP 5.6(.10) & piwik?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Fyi: we use this method to detect which PDO drivers are available: PHP: PDO::getAvailableDrivers - Manual


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Problem, is the Host