DB cluster vs Read/Write

I’m in a deploy of an environment to support high traffic (~ 30 - 50 k connections/s) and I saw that DB is a bottleneck. So, my question is: what is better? DB cluster, like galera, or only 2 servers, one ready only and other for write?

Have a look at:


I already passed all this pages and this suggestions already are implemented.

What I’m asking is about to change a master/master or master/slave (a server only to write and other only to read) by a cluster with N nodes (N => 3).

@innocraft, any experiment?

Hi @filhocf ,

Please check the FAQ on how to configure a reader https://matomo.org/faq/how-to-install/faq_35746/

Hi @karthik

I believe that I don’t explained correctly my question. I know this FAQ, but it isn’t a cluster. It is a master/slave (read/write) configuration.

What I asked was if you have some benchmark or comments about the use of galera cluster vs a read/write stack. I believe that with galera cluster is better that a read/write stack.

What do you talk for us?