Day-time report

Hi all,

I need a report showing some metrics (i.e. visits) in a day-time table like this one:


Is there a way that I don’t see to produce such a report (apart from Custom Report plugin)?


Hi @Marco_Sciamanna
Sorry, I don’t understand the columns of your report… What would you see in Mon-0 or in Wed-13 for visits report?
Please note that you can also get data in CSV/XML format (then use your favorite spreadsheet to display such data)

Thanks Philippe, I’ll explain in more detail.

Matomo provides separate reports (i.e for. visits) considering:

  • the days of the week (Mon, …, Sun)
  • the hours (00, …, 23)

I’m asking about a report that combines the data, i.e.:

  • in Mon-0 I would expect the visit number on Mondays between 00:00:00 and 00:59:59
  • in Wed-13 I would expect the visit number on Wednesdays between 13:00:00 and 13:59:59; and so on.

There is this:

But for single day…
You can also compare 2 days:

I think your full wish is not available, even in Custom Report premium plugin.
I suggest you create a feature request at:

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