Date setting crashes my charts


We have been using the connector for our Matomo data and recently decided to test the new Matomo connector instead.

Everything seems to work just fine, except one thing, the Page URL report combined with Date, doesn’t really matter which date setting I use. We want to use the Date ISO Year Week dimension, but I have figured out that our chart fails regardless the date settings. The problem occurs when I set a date range longer then a couple of weeks, for example, if i try to visualize 1 Jan - 4 feb, it fails but if I change the date range to 8 Jan - 28 Jan, it works, but takes extremely long time to load.

What bothers me is that it works correctly with a scorecard, and a table chart without date, sometimes even at the same time. But in some pictures below I’m using two different data connections because of the long loading time and sometimes all charts breaks trying to update the bar chart.

I’ve been in contact with Matomo Support through e-mail, but they don’t know how to solve the problem, blaming LookerStudio, which I think can’t be responsible due to the fact the exact same data and chart settings works with another connector.

In their opinion it’s not because of the amount of data either, because the scorecard and table chart uses the same data source and works correctly.

Reconnecting the data source, doesn’t help.
Connecting a new data source for this specific chart, doesn’t help.

The only thing that I’ve seen works is changing the Default Row Limit under segment setting to for example 1 row, but this make my data non complete, so it makes no sense for my clients (total rows are 2612).

Would love to get some help with this!

Working with 5 weeks, only first row.

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Not working with 5 weeks and all rows.

Hi @Johan_Karlsson, there’s a “See details” link when it fails, can you tell me what displays when you click on it?

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It only says:
“Looker Studio has encountered a system error.
Sorry, we encountered an error and were unable to complete your request.”

A bug report has been created here:

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