Date Range selector not working after upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded to version 2.4.0.b7 and now the date range selector doesn’t work, I can only pick one day at a time. If I try to choose a month or week or a date range, nothing happens, it just defaults back to the single day.

I tried on multiple broswers, same issue on all.

I am able to set my default date range under User Settings to Month and then it shows the whole month but I can’t change it on the fly.

Any ideas?

Hi, the same problem. Only over Dashboard you can get another date range.
Some Ideas?

Did you try deleting the contents of the tmp folder and seeing if that helps? Out of curiosity what are teh php.ini memory settings?

Thanks for the report!

This bug is fixed in git, and I’ve triggered release of beta 8.

the new beta8 will be published within 10-15 minutes. let me know if you still experience issue