Date range picker does not allow selection prior to current month

Not sure if the problem appeared after the recent upgrade, I think it did.
In reports, the date range picker does not allow selection prior to current month (November '15). If I edit manually the URL and set the dates I need directly in address bar, the report still shows up with dates starting from November 1st.
Note that all widgets on all dashboards do show data for the recent 30 days, and there is data in archive tables. I also tried reprocessing reports.

What is the problem and how can it be fixed?

Thank you.

The calendar should start on the first day where your website was created. Are you saying that for an old website the date picker was starting this month?

Exactly. For all the websites that I have added (and I have a lot of websites) the issue is the same for all of them.
See the screenshot:

Anyone else having the same issue…? It makes the whole reporting kind of useless without being able to see previous month.

we haven’t heard of other users with this issue.

I’m still wondering / don’t know, how this issue started occuring for you, but anyway you can fix it by executing this SQL query on your mysql database:

UPDATE piwik_site set ts_created=“2011-02-07” where idsite=1;

this will set the “creation date” of your website to February 2011 for idsite=1. you can run this query for all sites if needed. (with your chosen date)

Thank you very much, that was exactly the reason.

I add/update websites to Piwik’s database directly, by executing SQL queries, the value of ts_created was incorrect.

please do not add/update websites with SQL, this is bad idea. Use the API instead: Introduction: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3