Date range not including correct data

I have a basic delema.
When I use the date range to see June 1st to Aug 1st. I have 683650 pageviews.
When I use the date range to see June 5th to Aug 1st. I have 25736 pageviews.
When I use the date range to see June 1st to June 5th. I have 0 pageviews.

Even more weird : June 2nd to Aug 1st has 0 pageviews.

I have been removing and reentering data into the system alot. I think maybe this might have been part of the issue.

To reset the system, what I do is.
Delete all “piwik_archive_*” tables (both blob and numberic)
Empty the “piwik_log_action”, “piwik_log_link_visit_action”, “piwik_log_visit”, and “piwik_log_conversion”.

Then i reimport the data. I reclear the time, which is in the past, that it needs to process. Then i manually run the archive.php page.

Maybe there is some error in this process, because at a certain point, I did have data in June 1st - June 5th. So maybe it has somehow held onto that in some way which is causing all these errors.

I am running the beta piwik version, so that I might utilize the bulk tracking feature ( as I am importing around 800k of pageviews each time and i need to get that as fast as possible )

To in-validate old reports you can call a simple rest API, see: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for your response. That is actually part of my process that I already do. It is possible to have this scenario of different date ranges not adding up to the total sum.

that date range 1 + date range 2 = full date range 3.
but the views of date range 1 + date range 2 != the views of date range 3.

Does this show a real error in the import process? Or how would this be possible within any circumstance.
But yeah, i have invalidated the old reports every time, as well as clear the tables. and still no help. i have actually re-imported a couple times.

thanks for your help

For fixing this bug, we would like t oreproduce it first. Could you please send a small Piwik database which shows the problem ? please send the DB dump with minimal data if possible, and example of URL with the Expected Data that you expect VS the data you obtained from piwik. please post it here or email me fiull details at


I cannot provide the database because of the data it contains and its confidentiality. Here are three images though that show the basic problem.

The second and third image should add up to the first. I am defining custom visitors, visitor times, etc, but I don’t think that should result in a this sort of basis error.

I just made the updated from 1.8.3 beta to release version, and it seems to be the same.

And it looks to just be the date ranges. The year is correct, the months, view by the day (it all adds up), it is just when it is with a date range, that the results get a bit odd. And when you view it by the month, you can’t pick out particular days, so you really have to do a date range.

Hopefully this helps, and thanks alot for your help