Date range - last x days

For the date range, I wish there was a way to select the last x amount of days. For instance, the last 7 days. If I select a week right now, its just the calendar week so it is showing me days that haven’t even occurred yet.

I might be overlooking it but I don’t see an option for that.

By the way, to the developers of piwik, thank you for all your hard work. Its a great script!

This will be possible once Core: Provide custom date range feature · Issue #572 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub is implemented.

This is now implemented in Piwik! Check out the latest versio

I have been using 1.2.1 since the day it came out, but I don’t see this feature anywhere. Seems like the date ranges haven’t changed. Still, love piwik!!

It is implemented in the 1.3-RC (see blog post) which will be released in few days.

I haven’t tried a RC yet, but may take the plunge on this one. Just looked over the feature list for it. Great work to the piwik team, you guys rock!!