Database weighs

Hi, my matomo database weighs 1.7 Gb in about a month of use (about 50 sites) … isn’t it a little too much? Can it be reduced in some way? If this goes on in a while I need a second server …

Did you already had a look at Managing your database’s size User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Emh … no … I hadn’t seen it …
I took a look, I did everything, a little bit has diminished.
Thanks… sorry…

When I did the installation I remember that I also set up a crontab and a folder for the archive, do they do the same thing?

The crontab do the same thing?

Do you mean the settings in Matomo to delete old reports and the cronjob??

Emh… I mean this:

At first it asked me to make a crontab, and now I have a matomo_archive folder on my server.
I thought it would take data out of the database to save it to a file, no? What does it do?

No, the cronjob does the same as the normal browser archiving: It takes the raw list of people visiting the site and creates all reports out of it (and stores these reports in the database).
Unlike browser archiving this has the advantage that when you open Matomo, you already have all reports available as the cronjob ran before and Matomo gets a lot faster.