Database upgrade error


i’m trying to get my Piwik installation running again, which was messed with the update from 1.4 to 1.5.

Actually this is the output when i trigger a database update … does anyone has an idea on this?

Kritischer Fehler während der Aktualisierung:

Error trying to execute the query ‘ALTER IGNORE TABLE piwik_log_conversion
ADD visitor_days_since_order SMALLINT(5) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER visitor_days_since_first,
ADD idorder varchar(100) default NULL AFTER buster,
ADD revenue_subtotal float default NULL,
ADD revenue_tax float default NULL,
ADD revenue_shipping float default NULL,
ADD revenue_discount float default NULL,
ADD UNIQUE KEY unique_idsite_idorder (idsite, idorder),
MODIFY idgoal int(10) NOT NULL’.
The error was: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘buster’ in ‘piwik_log_conversion’

The buster column was added back in Piwik 1.2.5. This means, one or more DB update scripts weren’t run. (We know why this might happen, and have already put in a fix in 1.5 going forward.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer here to fixing your database.

I would suggest installing Piwik to a new database and then compare the schema to your existing database. Where you spot a difference, look in core/Updates/*.php for the corresponding update script that adds/drops/modifies a table/column/index.