Database size estimate hanging 2.13.1

Trying to use the gui to set the pruning options. Cannot ‘save’ changes, as the database size estimate option starts and either the query times out or the estimate seemingly runs forever. Either way the settings of the pruning do not take.

Other suggestions on the web seem to suggest amending the config.ini.php file to ‘disable automatic database size estimate in data purging’

My understanding of this is that the supplementary action when setting the purge values of giving you (automatically) the estimated database size after the purge, is switched off.

So how do you set the option in the config?
i.e. what is the variable name and value to put to it?

Also/instead, is there an option to set the purging values outside the GUI to avoid the database size estimator getting in? e.g. Set the detail to 700 days and the reports to 20 months.

Please upgrade to 2.16.2 as these issues should be fixed