Database problem while installing (STEP 3)

Hello everyone,

I’m having some difficulties installing Piwik. I already looked at two other Topic’s that had the same problem, but I have no luck with them.

I added a screenshot (screen.png) which may help. I changed my domain name to ‘something’ for privacy reasons. What I find strange is that on the first screenshot you see ‘something_com’@‘web213.local’. Is web213.local correct? I know that the info that I used fo the database setup is 100% correct.

In the second screenshot (screen02.png) you see my first try of installing Piwik. I have a local server program called USB Webserver. When I did it on my local server I had a different error.

As far as I know I filled everything with the correct data, but neither my local server nor the online webserver from works. To make it even worse, the errors on the two casses are different from each other.

Hopefully someone can help me out with this. Thank you in advance.