Database Access

(timlee) #1

My database is setup and have data for the last 3 months(used the ‘generate dummy data’ page). But when I log into PIWIK the tables/graphs are blank. I know that PIWIK is accessing the database because it displays the website at the top and I can alter the permissions.

Any suggestions?

(piwikkio) #2


We have the same problem here. Tryed trunk of 2008-12-12, reconfigured, created some data (by surfing on sites, once also with the provided script). No way, the graphs are all empty and the tables show “no data”.

Would appreciate suggestions too.

Details: piwik is running under apache 2.2, php 5.2.6, can set include_paths and has a (so far) correctly configured database (which has some data in the respective log_ tables).


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

have you selected today in the calendar?

(kaido) #4

I got the same problem I think. I cant see data , what is included with the calendar after 2009 1.january.

(dnaber) #5

Had the same problem. For me it was caused by “enable_browser_archiving_triggering=false” in global.ini.php. Setting it to true fixed it (but the archive seems to be built in the moment you open the page which is slow for high-traffic websites)