Data Visualisation Over Time Matomo - Looker Studio

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to import my datas on Looker Studio and I’ve followed this page.

I’d like to export Matomo datas for a daily report in Looker Studio, which 'll be automatic for a client.

I’d like to have a daily report, which could indicate trends and data over time.

But I cant access to the dimension date. And unfortunetaly, I’ve got datas but when I put a date selector, nothing changes; If possible, i’d like to have something close than GA4 on Looker Studio in the sense we can select datas with a date dimension.

Is it possible to actualize data day per day ? And also, exporting datas and date to have a more accurate reporting ?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hi! It seems like there might be an issue with accessing the date dimension in Looker Studio. To address this, you can check if there are specific settings or configurations related to date dimensions in Looker Studio.

Thanks for your answer ! I’ll see that. By the way, do you know how to passe a string to a number please ? Because actually, from the import, datas are always in string and not number, and I can’t create a chart.

Each time I try, this message is displayed on the screen

Do you know how to resolve that please ?
Thank you very much again !

Hi there,

You could try using the Official Matomo Looker Studio connector, this may work better for you, this was released this week.

When adding a connector just search for “Matomo”.

When connecting your Username will be your full Matomo URL and you will need to generate an auth token.

You can view some guides for this connector from the Matomo website here -

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Hello !
Thanks for your answer and the urls !

Actually, I’ve followed these guidelines but the main issue is that I can"t change datas from string into number with Matomo connector also like below

If I could translate into numbers, i suppose it will works but I’ m searching how.