Data persistence in stagging setup: which tables to exempt from update?

When I push my (WP) development site to live (my productive WP site), I can choose which (Matomo) tables to include in the update. If I include all tables, I loose the previously recorded analytics data.

I assume, that the all the tables “wpud_matomo_archive_blob_YEAR_MONTH” and “wpud_matomo_archive_numeric_YEAR_MONTH” need to be excluded.

Please confirm, that this is correct - or enumerate all tables which ought to be excluded.

Thanks for your support!

Hello @Participe
It seems that when you deploy to production, it wipes out all the data stored in the tables, right? If you wish to preserve all the Matomo data, you’ll need to ensure that none of the Matomo tables are included in the purge process.