Data on my other website not showing stats

(zel.bautista) #1

The Piwik is hosted on one domain and that Piwik monitors that domain #1 as well as an entirely separate domain #2 (or that is the intention). Hopefully this is a pretty basic question.

Both sites are hosted with Wordpress installations. Both sites also have the WP-Piwik plugin installed.

What I was not clear on is what Javascript goes on each site.

On domain #1 I have this:

Do I just use the identical script on domain2? I just pasted this code into the WP-Piwik “javascript” form box as-is without any modification. There is also a pulldown menu in the plugin that allows me to select domain2. However this having been done, no data is being reported.

What am I missing?


(zel.bautista) #2

bump - this seems like a pretty rudimentary functionality, I’m surprised no one can explain how this works?


In Piwik setting, you’re supposed to define a different site for each new site you want Piwik to track.
On the same page you do that, you can access the tracker JS code of each site; they are differents.


Thanks - I have this issue. I have two sites setup in my admin settings. I have the Wordpress plugin WP-Piwik setup in both sites. In the first site/domain, which the Piwik install is setup on, it is reporting fine. The second site has a different domain and I installed the WP-Piwik plugin, put in my auth code, and am able to select the second site from the plugin dropdown, but no data is being reported back at this point. Any suggestions to troubleshoot? I do have a wordpress footer wp_footer() in my theme.



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check that the included code in your wordpress footer, for your second site, is the same as the one you can get from Piwik by going to Admin > Websites > Show tracking tag.


Yes, the code on my Piwik install is the same as the code shown in the dialogue and auto-populated by the WP-Piwik plugin. I also tried pasting the code into the footer but no luck - maybe I did not paste properly?


This seems to have been fixed after my web host cleared a mod security event that had been occurring!