Data missing after upgrading to 2.02

I did the upgrade to 2.02 automatically over the web and then did the database upgrade automatically over the web. Now all of my data from before the upgrade no longer shows up.

It seems as though the log files still show all of the old data, but none of the dashboards reflect this data, even what it is collecitng as of now does not show in the reports or widgets.

Can you update to 2.0.3-beta version from and post some screenshot showing no data? also do you see the visitor data in the Visitors> Visitor log ?

I ran the archive.php page multiple times and it started to work and then I ran it again today and all of the data now shows. The logs did have all of the information and the real time visitors log on the dashboard was showing new information, but on every other page and widget it would just say no data.