Data in visitor log but not in standard reports

Hi community,

I have an issue.

When I go to a certain page, the pageview tag are sent properly, I see data in the visitor log, but I don’t see their reflection in standard reports.

For instance:

Here, in the pages report I only have 1 pageview, when the visitor logs shows 4 with 2 other pages.

Any clue of what the issue could be?

Many thanks !

Hi @Frederic_Forster
As first approach, I would say maybe a problem in the segment?
Eg. The second visit not covered by the segment definition…
What is the segment definition?
What are the visit (available when clicking on the Visit headers of the visitor log) and page dimensions (when page event is hovered) on each visit / page view?

In your 1st screenshot, I don’t see the 2nd visit, whereas I imagine the segment is the same as in the page report… :thinking: