Data base conversion trigger not being triggered?

I updated to 4.0 yesterday morning, and enabled:

Convert database to UTF8mb4 charset > Trigger data base conversion in background

But so far it does not seem to have occurred as in System Check I’m still seeing:

Your database supports utf8mb4 charset, but your database tables have not been converted yet.

Is it normal for the process to take that long? It’s a very low traffic site and the accumulated data is very small. Total is only 10.5 M.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You could use this plugin to look up when the scheduled task will run (I think it uses a scheduled task for this)

Thanks Lukas!

I actually had already installed the Scheduled Tasks plug-in, and although it shows many tasks scheduled into December, no entry seems to mention “data base”. Would that be a single task entry, or is the process broken down into smaller tasks?