Dashboards with zero information

Hi everyone,

 I´m from airline company in Brazil and we have more than 8 sites (including IOS and Android apps) tagged with Piwik.

 But for our B2C ecommerce we are facing problems with all dashboards. The B2C site has more than 1M pageviews per day. 

 For example, during a day I can see all the data on dashboards without problem. But in the next day, all dashboard data from the past day were gone.  

 But when I search in the mysql database all the information are there. The problem only appears at piwik dashboards for B2C site.

 I attached a print screen from our B2C ecommerce dashboard.  As you can see in a bunch of days I can see the number of ecommercer orders and in the others days shows zero for ecommerce orders.

 Please, need help!

Thanks, Jefferson Santana

Hi Jefferson

Maybe contact professionnal support to troubleshoot this issue: We offer support subscriptions for businesses worldwide to make the most out of Piwik analytics. - Analytics Platform - Piwik