Dashboards and graphs do not match visitor logs for specific site

I have Matomo installed at my webhost and I am monitoring several sites. Almost all sites work perfectly fine, but for one of them I see entries in the visitor log, but the graphs on the dashboard and in the detailed view are only showing flat lines (0 visitors), which is obviously incorrect. Does someone have a clue on how to solve this?

I can’t help you here, but I have the same problem…

How are data archived?

If your archiving process is well configured, you can invalidate past data in order to re-archive them:

Thanks for thinking along!

I have a cron job that runs on a daily basis:

So I receive daily emails with the core:archive output.

It says it is archiving for sites 1 and 3 (0 requests), and 4, 5, 6 and 7 (multiple requests).
In the final lines of the output import is resumed for sites 3, 4, 5 and 7. Site 7 is the one that has a flat line.

I now invalidated all reports for site 7 and will check tomorrow for the results.

Without waiting for the daily archiving the flat lines disappeared. I found out browser archiving was also active. I disabled browser archiving and set the cron job to the suggested hourly frequency. Let’s see if the nice graphs I see now are there to stay…

The cron job just ran again and the data is still shown in the graphs. Thanks @heurteph-ei for pointing me in the right direction!

@Martijn_Broeders, I hope this works for you too!

Hi, unfortunately after a couple of days I noticed a flat line again for the site. Invalidating the reports makes the data appear in the graph. But it is the only site in my matomo installation that requires this. Any clues?