Dashboard suddenly seems to be txt only


[attachment 54 Vollbildaufzeichnung12.01.2011205313.jpg]

Strange suddenly my Piwik Interface changed from working to this text only. I double checked with another browser - same effect. Any ideas?


… and the same way it came by surprise, its now gone.


Has been the same to us since we’ve updated to version 1.1.1

Any idea or solution? Version 1.1 had not occurred this never


I only restarted the server…


Not works for me… httpd restarted but the appearance is without CSS style.

I reinstall the latests.zip (v.1.1.1) twice, and no OK.

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

Delete the content of piwik/tmp/assets/

and Delete your browser cache


It’s too late …
Just delete the entire installation and I made a new installation against other databases, then I pointed to the DB correctly and working properly.

Thanks anyway!