Dashboard not showing correct country of visitor

Hello everyone!

I just did a fresh install of Matomo and integrated 2 websites that are hosted at WIX by adding the JavaScript snippets to their header.

The websites get tracked but as the country of origin of me visiting the websites is shown USA, while I am currently located in an European country. My operating system’s locale setting is US-English though, maybe this is relevant (while it should not be by my understanding of what should be tracked).

I searched the forum and found a thread concerning this issue, but it is already 3 years old and they speak about that there will be an integration of some geo-plugin in the future, etc.

Since I am brand new to Matomo I don’t know if this has occurred already or not, or if this is another problem that I am facing, etc. so that is why I opened a new thread, I hope this is the best thing I could have done according to the specific netiquette/ culture of this forum, if not, my apologies in advance.

Any hint / info / feedback about how I can fix the dashboard to show the correct countries of origin is much appreciated.

Best regards

This is the default behavior of Matomo if the Geolocation is not set up properly: