Dashboard not showing, buttons not working


New to this, so please be gentle!

Installed 1.5.1 no problem.

When I log in, I see a load of menu links to the left, but nothing where the dashboard should be.

Also, whn I click most of the buttons such as add user, delete website, add website etc, nothing happens. The buttons also seem in the wrong place - not lined up with the options they shouold go with.

Please see attached screen grabs. Help much appreciated.

I should also add, that I have the same issue with IE, Firefox & Chrome - I have also the latest flash player 10.3.


The minifier is taking too long and your server has a max_execution limit. In your config/config.ini.php, add the following:

disable_merged_assets = 1

This is normally used for debugging, but it’s the only quick fix I can propose at this time.

Thank you very much! That worked!!

I added this as a FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo