Daily unique visitor and Weekly unique visitor

The relation between Daily Unique visitor and Weekly Unique Visitor in the page title report/page report seems wrong. Note that I am not talking about the unique pageview which is presented in Matomo. If the report is exported to Excel/Tableau, you can also see the Unique visitor metric. In the Overview report, the relation between Daily and Weekly Unique visitor is correct. See below for examples.

In the Visitors -> Overview report it shows 357 Unique visitors for the entire week. And when I add the unique visitor amount per each day separately the amount is: 1082. This relation between Unique visitors for week and unique visitor for each day added up seems correct. It is logic that the Unique visitor count is lower if you chose a week range compared to adding up 5 days. So this seems correct.

Overview report:

Unique visitors Week: 357

Unique visitor Monday: 229
Unique visitor Tuesday: 227
Unique Visitor Wednesday: 211
Unique visitor Thursday: 213
Unique visitor Friday: 202
Total: 1082

But when I do the same for a specific page in the page title report or the page report I get the exact same amount. If I chose the range of “Week” in the page title report for a certain page, it shows 109 unique visitors. When I try to add each day of the week separately I get the exact same amount, 109. This seems wrong? The “Week” range amount should be lower than the amount of adding each day together. Because the Week range should count a visitor as Unique only once during the entire week. The single day range should reset each day, which means that it should be able to count the same visitor from yesterday as a Unique visitor each day. At the moment it seems like the Week range Unique visitor is just all days added together, which probably is wrong. The relationship between Week range unique visitor and Separate days added together should be the same as in the “Overview” report. Page title example below.

Page title report:

Unique visitors week: 109

Unique visitors Monday: 23
Unique visitors Tuesday: 8
Unique visitors Wednesday: 16
Unique visitors Thursday: 50
Unique visitors Friday: 12
Total: 109

Why is the page title report and page report not functioning the same way as the overview report, and how do I fix it?

I have tried to find the answer on your FaQ and the forum. The only thing I found was to add this to the config.ini.php file (Which I have done already):
enable_processing_unique_visitors_day = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_week = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_month = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_year = 0
enable_processing_unique_visitors_range = 0

This is Google Analytics explanation of unique visitor, which is how is should work, according to me:
"The official Google Analytics definition of this Web metric is: “Unique Visitors is the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.” "