customVars - visitor scope?


are there any plans to implement a visitor scope for custom vars?

I’d like to use customVars for A/B testing. The time between setting the variable and reaching the goal, could easily exceed 30 minutes without any webseite interaction, so the information is lost. At the moment, I store the group information in an additional cookie and I use that to reset the customVar to the proper value within the shop.


No plans at this stage. But you can set the 30min to higher limit: See the visit_standard_length option in the config file


We have released a plugin that works on top of Piwik to run A/B Tests, Split Tests, Experiments see . A full list of features is mentioned on the Marketplace at

It lets you easily run experiments on websites, servers, apps and in campaigns and has lots of features to customize your experiment and to define your success and your expectations for an experiment to increases your sales, revenue, conversions, pageviews, and more.

More docs are available at: User Guides, FAQ, Developer docs