CustomVariables how to exclude labels from results


we are using the customVariables to record our usergroups.

We would like to do two operations: exclude GROUP_ANON from the result and then get the sum of remaining visits. (sum=38)

Here is our raw results (json)
“label”: “Test - GROUP_ADMIN”,
“nb_visits”: 35,
“label”: “Test - GROUP_ANON”,
“nb_visits”: 5,
“label”: “Test - GROUP_TEST”,
“nb_visits”: 3,

We tried multiples regex with “filter_pattern” but we were never able to hide only the GROUP_ANON node. Is there a way to do it easilly?

Thank you!

Finally found the right regex.


Hi there,

I’ve added a note in the FAQ about searching in report: How do I search within reports? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

(note that the doc I’ve added is different from your regular expression which didnt work for me)